Hi!  My name is Linda Bennett and I am known as the Hypno Queen!

Why am I known as the Hypno Queen? There are a number of answers to this question. First of all, I absolutely love hypnosis. It has been my passion for more than 20 years and the Queen is considered preeminent in a particular field. On a chessboard the Queen is a very powerful piece. The Queen is often seen as a ruler and as in Alice in Wonderland, sometimes wields a very domineering side. Let me assure you that I rarely shout “off with their heads!” And I’m not one interested in ruling others. However I do love to teach my passion and in this way I am known as a leader.

Another reason why the Queen moniker fits for me is that I absolutely love the shape of a heart. I’ve been collecting all styles and shapes of hearts for many years. And because of my passion for anything heart-shaped, people have bestowed upon me the title of the Queen of Hearts.

My love of hearts started with a challenge. I was asked to select a symbol that best identified me and would become my “calling card.” I automatically selected the heart shape. At the time, my reasoning was that anything heart shaped would conjure up feelings of love and positivity. For me being positive in everything I did was essential to my well-being.

So now we have two symbols, a crown and a heart. These two symbols also represent my philosophy in working with others to achieve wholeness. The crown image represents the head, our mental self and the heart representing our emotional self. Our ability to connect our head and our heart is essential in understanding oneself and being the best we can be. The crown can also represent our conscious mind, and the heart representing the unconscious- subconscious mind.

Queens are known for being very regal and proper. However, this Queen is also very interested in a good laugh and having a good time. So keep an eye out for this Queen sometimes being silly and very playful.

As the Queen I oversee my kingdom known as Heart Centered Healing. Heart Centered Healing is all about you and your deepest heart’s desires. It is about facilitating a client getting back in touch with their own heart and uniting with their minds to achieve a desired outcome. Heart Centered Healing is about searching the client’s heart and discovering the hidden strengths, gifts, and talents that lie there sometimes hidden and just waiting to be uncovered.

Whether it is through hypnosis, guided imagery, or life coaching this queen is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others!


Linda Bennett's The Hypno Queen