Linda Bennett's The Hypno Queen

Every one needs a Life Coach!

Heart Centered Healing is about coaching with people who have already experienced some successes but may have gotten off track or want to take steps that will take them beyond where they currently are.

Coach’s help their clients design a life they want and help facilitate the realization of dreams. Life is a series of many steps with obstacles thrown in along the way. Sometimes we are able to gracefully side step those obstacles and other times there's a detour to take.

As your Coach I am here to help you navigate your personal journey in designing and actualizing what you most desire. Working together a course will be set, discoveries will be made and the destination will be charted to realize what's most important to you. As your traveling companion we will work together to set goals, clarify your values, create your own personal vision and mission statement and use tools that will enable you to focus and achieve results along the way.

Are ready to get on the path that's right for you? Ready to move forward on your journey through life with joy and enthusiasm? Ready to have a rewarding personal life? Then now is the time to start. All it takes to begin is the first step.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Chinese Proverb.